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At some point in their lives, every dog needs a dog toy, but what do you do in order to find the best dog toy for your furry friend? Some dogs love chewing on toys as they are puppies as they require oral fixation to help them as they’re teething. Then, you have other dogs that love playing fetch until they’re past their senior years. Depending on your dog’s size, ages, and toy preference, there are hundreds of different toys currently on the market that you can choose. If you have multiple dogs, it may be hard to find a toy that they both want to play with. If you’re looking for the type of toy that all of your dogs will want to play with, then we recommend the Starmark Bob-A-Lot. Have you heard about the Bob-A-Lot? If not, we are here to tell you all about it.

The Bob-A-Lot is the type of toy that will become a favorite in your home, not just for the dogs, but for you as well. It’s fun watching dogs as they entertain themselves for a long period of time with toys like this.

Simple Design

While it may be a simple design, your dogs may not see it as simple – they will see it as challenging. We say “challenging,” because the design consists or two chambers. The chamber on the top is responsible for storing the dog treats. As your dog is knocking the ball around, the treats will slide out into the second chamber. Don’t worry, because the toy isn’t going to dispense a large amount of treats all at one time – the treats are something they actually have to work for.

As your dog continues to play with the toy and knock it around, the treats are eventually going to fall out of the tiny opening that is at the bottom of the toy. The toy has a round design and do to this, it does exactly what the name implies – bobs …a lot.

Regardless of how your dog plays with it, whether he nuzzles, scratches, licks or pushes this toy, it will bob back and forth until your pet is done playing with it.

There’s an opening at the bottom that you can adjust in order to fit most treat sizes or you could use it in order to make the game even more challenging. You see, if you choose to make the opening smaller each time your pet plays with this toy, it will make it harder for them to get the treats out.

Makes Your Dog Move Around and Exercise

If you have a “lazy” dog that simply wants to lounge around on the couch all day long, this would be a great toy for your household. Many times, all it takes for a dog to get up off the couch is a nice toy and the treats inside this one will definitely expire almost every lazy dog to exercise. Yes, you could always just give your dog a chew toy, but then, they will just lay on the floor and chew on it.


Bob-A-Lot by Starmark is a great toy as it will make your dog exercise inside, without you having to worry about them ripping your house apart. It’s great for cold winter days, muggy got summer days and those rainy afternoons. The Bob-A-Lot is a great dog toy if you’re looking for a nice treat dispenser for your furry friend.

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Dr. Karen Hansen

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