Don’t make the mistake our family made the first time around and not memorialize your pet. 10 special, healing ways to honor your pet’s memory.

1. Create a spirit packet for your pet.
2. Look at old photos and videos. Have a good cry or reminisce over photo with family & friends.
3. Turn digital photos into a photo album on
4. Light a candle in honor of your pet with its picture.
5. Plant a tree, flower or bush to remember your pet.
6. Plan a memorial service or candle light vigil.
7. Reach out to rainbow heart website and light a virtual candle.
8. Go to a favorite park or sit in a favorite spot of your yard or the house of your pets.
9. Visit or spend time in a place where you feel close to your pet.
10. Take flowers to the grave, memorial site, or other place where you go to remember your pet.