Create your own cat memorial

by | Mar 13, 2022

Cats are such innocent souls. We can never get enough of them. Their adorable look, nonstop cuddling, and of course their mood swings, we cherish each and everything about these little felines. Losing our cats brings a very hard time. Everyone deals with grief in their way. If building their memorial can help you to deal with your loss, I am here to pass on some amazing ideas to build your own cat memorial.

Create A Memory Box
Creating a memory box is the easiest way to keep your cat’s memories alive. Buy a cute box or you can decorate a simple empty box. Paste a plain gift paper all over the box and its lid. Place your cat’s collar, bell, and favorite toys into that box. Whenever you will open this box, you will open an entire lane of memories.

Memorial Stones
Different kinds of pet memorial stones are available in the market but creating a stone by yourself will make you feel even closer to your little friend. You can make your cat’s painting on the stone or paint her paw prints. Write any message that is related to your cat. You can also attach her belongings to the stone. Place this stone in your lounge with her pictures. You can also put this stone in the garden or at her favorite spot in the house.

Memorial Tree
What can be better than planting a tree to honor your passed cat? You can also plant flowers. If you don’t have a garden, plant some colorful flowers in a pot and write your cat’s name on this pot. You can also write the date on which she/he passed. Place this pot in the window where your cat used to sit while looking outside. The beautiful flowers and their fragrance will give you a sense of your cat’s presence.

Dr. Karen Hansen

Dr. Karen Hansen

I help people create positive changes in mind, body and spirit moving forward with fewer emotional side effects. I have written and given talks about the human-animal bond and pet bereavement.