Slopper Stopper Dripless Water Bowl

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What is it with dogs when they drink water? If the water is in a simple bowl, they seem to get water all over the floor, and don’t even care. Almost as if it’s on purpose. Despite it being cute, it sure is a mess. When you have a dog in your family, you are expected to clean up behind him/her – that is called being a responsible dog owner.  However, on the same note, if there were a way to eliminate some of the messes they make, by all means, go for it. After our four-legged fluffy ball of fur kept dripping water all over the floor, we decided to take some time to do research in order to find something that could prevent this mess from happening. As funny as it sounds, that is when we discovered the Slopper Stopper Dripless Water Bowl.

Before you click the link and purchase the Slopper Stopper Dripless Water Bowl, we believe it is only fair that you read all about a product in order to decide whether or not it is a viable option for you.

Continue reading in order to learn about the Slopper Stopper …

What is the Slopper Stopper Dripless Water Bowl?

Simply put, it’s a water bowl that holds water and prevents the dog from getting water everywhere. Already caught your attention, didn’t we?

Who is this Bowl for?

This is a dripless water bowl (can be used for traveling) that is for dogs 45-75 pounds. While it is recommended for medium to large dogs, there shouldn’t be a problem with small dogs using it.

Snap on Lid

It has a handy snap on lid that will help keep ears and beards dry.

Reduce Water Spills

The biggest benefit to the Slopper Stopper would be the fact that it reduced water spills and those messy trails that your dog normally leaves on the floors by up to 85 percent or more. This helps reduce accidental falls.

Slows Drinking

This bowl helps slow your dog while drinking water. Slower drinking means no more choking. The bowl slows the dogs drinking by 2 times the normal rate of consumption time. This is perfect for those dogs that drink too fast because many times, they throw up afterwards – it breaks that bad habit. When you receive the product, you should modify it in order to fit your dog’s size. Larger dogs may need 2 or 3 knockouts removed.

Adjustable Water Level Knockouts

The product comes with a total of two knockouts that are already removed as that is the best starting position.

Will the Dog Know How to Use the Bowl?

Some dogs will know how to get water from the bowl right away because they smell the water. Then, you have others that may take some time to get used to it. As an easy way to teach them to drink from this bowl, dab a tiny amount of peanut butter on the inside lower edge of the ball shape of the lid. The dogs will smell the peanut butter and start to lick it and then realize there’s water there as well.

Dog Gets the Same Amount of Water on a Daily Basis

There’s no need to worry, because the dog will still get the same amount of water on a daily basis, it just slows their normal rate of consumption time down. With most of the other bowls, you end up cleaning up to 50% of the water off the floor. With the Dripless Water Bowl, 85% or more of the water is consumed.


Point blank, if you care about your floors and are tired of cleaning up water trails, the Slopper Stopper Dripless Water Bowl is a viable option for you.

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