Create your own dog memorial

by | Feb 10, 2022

Dogs are our best friends; they play with us, sleep with us, go on walks with us. There are so many moments in our life that won’t be the same if these little furry friends were not by our side. They are more like family and losing a family member can be heartbreaking. Keeping something in your dog’s memory is important to deal with the grief. It’s not about just holding on to their stuff; you can build your own dog memorial to honor them and always remember their love. Here are some ideas to Build your own dog memorial.

Create a Memory board
Take a metal or wooden board and wrap it with a burlap. Put the photos of your pet on this burlap and put this DIY burlap memory board in the living room or wherever you want to. You can also stick their favorite toys to the burlap to create the memorial board.

Create a memorial bed
You can also decorate your dog’s bed on which he used to sleep with his favourite belongings like toys or blanket and put it in his favorite corner of the house. It is one of the best ways to memorialize your best furry friend.

Paw Print memorial
Many people take their pet’s paw prints on clay while having a good time with them. If you have a paw print, paint it with pretty colors and attach it with a ribbon or chain to build a permanent paw print memorial. If you don’t have your dog’s paw print, you can use any paw print that reminds you of your dog.

Dr. Karen Hansen

Dr. Karen Hansen

I help people create positive changes in mind, body and spirit moving forward with fewer emotional side effects. I have written and given talks about the human-animal bond and pet bereavement.