by | Aug 19, 2022

1. Insight. Are there any past experiences similar with elements of the dream that stand out and are easy to make sense out of?

2. Share your dream with another. My husband also likes to analyze dreams, so if time permits and the dream appears, do that with another. Another possibility is to join a therapeutic dream process group.

3. Take time. Don’t try to figure everything all out in one sitting. Let it percolate like a cup of coffee.

4. Watch for symbol synchronicities. Look for random coincidental events that seem related to but aren’t really caused by the other.

5. Practice. It takes commitment to record those dreams down and practice analyzing them.

6. Seek feedback. Ask others to listen to or read your dream and then respond as if it were their dream. Remember: You always get the last word so you can reclaim your dream.

7. Take action. If the dream gives clear clues to help you implement a decision, take action. Ask for a dream before you fall asleep so you can get help with whatever ails you.

Dr. Karen Hansen

Dr. Karen Hansen

I help people create positive changes in mind, body and spirit moving forward with fewer emotional side effects. I have written and given talks about the human-animal bond and pet bereavement.