10 Items to Place on Your Pet Altar

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10 Items to place on your Pet Altar of Remembrance

Designate a place in your home where you can place an altar of remembrance for your pet. It could be a where your pet slept or played, a mantle, bookcase, dresser or counter. It can be inside or outside or both. One man decided to create an altar by building a built out wall from his the doggie door coming in from the outside. There he placed a picture and collar. Here is a picture of Oreo’s outdoor altar and one for Mitzie. There is no right or wrong way to create an altar.

On the altar you could place:

  • Altar cloth perhaps a scarf or a piece of your pet’s bedding
  • Photographs
  • Pet possessions such as a collar, lease, toys, bowl and treats
  • Favorite passages from sacred text or favorite quotes that bring you peace
  • Favorite stories or lists of favorites (See Mitzie and Oreo lists)
  • Feeling stones-pick different stones of shape or color which you decide can relfect different emotional states: sadness, angry, loss, relief, guilt, calm, peacefulness. You can pick up and hold a stone, feel it in your hand and meditate on the emotion. When you’re done you can put htme back or let them go and place them outside in a special place of remembrance.
  • A picture of a guardian angel, Saint, Mary, or goddess Artemis-Hekate to watch over your pet. In Greece, the Gorgon as Artemis-Hekate is the mistress of the night road, of fate and the world of the dead.
  • Photo of your pet on of mug, key ring, ornament.
  • Take the collar of your pet and place it around a pillar candle that you light every night for a week. You can fasten it as tight or loose as you like around a candle. If you like the religious pillar candles you can place it around one of those instead.
  • Print a copy of the rainbow poem laminated or framed with pet’s name and picture in basket or frame.


Dr. Karen Hansen

Dr. Karen Hansen

I help people create positive changes in mind, body and spirit moving forward with fewer emotional side effects. I have written and given talks about the human-animal bond and pet bereavement.


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