10 Ways to Cope with Pet Loss

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  1. Create a spirit packet
  2. Write down your favorite stories and memories of your pet
  3. Create a pet altar in a special place in your home. Place pictures of you and your pet together, their toys, candles and other special mementos.
  4. Have a pet memorial backyard. Perhaps order a special plaque you place under a tree. Gather family and friends and honor the memory of your beloved pet.
  5. Be kind and gentle with yourself. Sit with the emptiness knowing that the house will feel emptier and give yourself time to sit with the emptiness.
  6. Create a photo book of pictures of your dog and share it with family and friends
  7. Record your dreams. Put a journal and pen beside your bed so you are ready when your subconscious gives you the gift of a pet dream
  8. Talk to others, share your loss. Go online and find a pet support loss group
  9. Clean your house. When you are ready take your pet’s bowls, toys, leases, brushes and other belongings and put them in a special place until you can decide what to do next with them.
  10. Cry buckets if it helps you feel better. Know that your day-to-day routine will feel empty, strange and unfamiliar for a while. Take baby steps to create new daily routines without your pet that nourish you mind, body and soul.

Dr. Karen Hansen

Dr. Karen Hansen

I help people create positive changes in mind, body and spirit moving forward with fewer emotional side effects. I have written and given talks about the human-animal bond and pet bereavement.


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