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Pet Loss Counseling

Provides emotional support via phone or zoom for pet owners that have experienced, or are anticipating, the death of their companion animal.

After Death Communication

Modified EMDR process that helps grieving individuals dramatically reduce the deep sadness and trauma often associated with a death.

About The Book


“Feeling sad about the loss of a beloved pet? Remember the joy, release the grief and ask yourself if you are ready for another pet.”

Life, Death, Dog: Between This Pet and the Next is an inspirational read that will have you wondering at the power of your dog to bring illumination into your life. Looking at her own potent experiences with dogs, from childhood to the adulthood, in the context of therapeutic work, Karen Hansen, PhD, suggests ways in which memorializing the dog companions throughout your life can fill the gaps, heal the hurts, and lighten the loads we all carry as human beings. Taking both clinical and nonclinical approaches, Hansen poignantly relates her personal experiences with dogs, rented, part-time, and all, to the work of therapy and personal healing in a way that is easy to understand and practice. Life, Death, Dog will have you looking at your pet in a new way—as not just a companion but a healer.


“This book for sure acknowledges we have to work through grief after the loss of a beloved dog. Also that eventually we feel intense gratitude for the memories and the lessons their beautiful souls has brought us.”

Dr. Hansen suggests that while Life, Death, Dog is informed by her experience with her childhood dog, the pet bereavement process can be helped by the techniques in the book, irrespective of species. The human-animal bond can be equally strong with cats, birds, rabbits, and other pets. 

What’s inside



Dogs as Master Therapists


Death: In Between Pets

Stories, dreams and tips on coping with pet loss


Dog: The Next Dog or Not?

Explores how to decide if and when you are ready for another pet.

Sample Chapter


I think I’ve learned more about being present as a therapist from dogs than Carl Rogers. Not as in Mr. Rogers neighborhood, the children’s television show I watched as a child, but as in psychologist Carl Rogers. I’ve watched a few videos of Dr. Rogers, one of the founders of humanistic therapy, practicing the unconditional presence factor during my studies in graduate school. But nothing save my own healing journey prepared me for being a therapist as much as what I learned from dogs.

Effortlessly he was embodying all three of Carl Rogers’s person-centered principles: empathy, genuineness and unconditional positive regard. Rogers wrote a famous therapy book titled, “Person-centered therapy”. Oreo’s book would be titled, “dog-centered therapy.” Rogers, a master therapist in his own right, also wrote another book called, “Person to person: The problem with being human.” Seems he was already onto the struggles of having two legs instead of four so I hope he won’t be too offended from the grave if I measure his approach up against dogs. Like in the Rogerian approach, in Oreo’s approach, dogs create a comfortable, non-judgmental environment by demonstrating empathy (penetrating eye gazes), congruence (genuineness) and unconditional positive regard(unconditional love) toward others while using a non-directive approach. They believe in letting others find their own solutions to their problems, a key trait as a therapist.





Written by therapist Karen Hansen, PhD  Life, Death, Dog: Between This Pet and the Next is a new book for the nearly 40,000 pet owners who lose a companion each day, Written from her own experience and the context of her therapeutic work, Dr. Hansen guides ways of memorializing deceased pets that can help with the grief of their loss

About the author.



Are you struggling with pet loss, anticipatory pet loss, anxiety or trauma? I provide online counseling in Arizona and Washington. As a compassionate Coach, and Transpersonal Therapist, I work holistically using traditional and nontraditional counseling methods. I’m certified and trained in EMDR, hypnosis, after-death pet communication, neurofeedback, brain nutrition, CBT, other talk therapy methods, and humanistic astrology. I’ll guide you gently toward resolving your concerns while developing a deeper feeling of self-love and greater meaning in your life and the lives of your pets.

“As a psychotherapist, I live in the world, what you might say, through the soul. From an early age I had a dream of writing about women’s matters. Instead, I first had to finish a book about the love and loss of pets. Latent grief for my childhood family dog brought me a series of dreams. Writing about this beloved pet ended up being a healing journey including not just my stories, but client’s pet loss and afterlife stories. “

Dr. Karen Hansen



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